Thursday, 19 February 2009


Thank You
Thank you soooo much to everyone for attending the tea party at the Hanover centre on Tuesday. With your kind donations of cake, money and time we managed to raise a fabulous £112.30 which really can help change a childs life so again, thank you and see you next time...

Cathy and Jess x x

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Over the past six months we all have witnessed the most shocking tainted milk scandal that killed six infants and sickened nearly 300,000 more. These babies, well below 3 years, were fed milk powder contaminated with melamine, an industrial chemical used in fertilisers and plastic production. Imagine if the babies were not fed powder milk and in fact were fed on their mother’s milk. They could be saved from this unnecessary catastrophe
Add your name to the ONE MILLION CAMPAIGN - NO MORE MILK SCANDALS! SUPPORT WOMEN TO BREASTFEED to stop the push towards feeding babies with milk formula, as well as demand support to women to breastfeed. Click here to sign the petition
Growing scientific evidence points out how vital breastfeeding is to infant survival with health. Women are being forced to stop breastfeeding and give their babies milk formulas because they lack support to breastfeed, whether at the time of birth in family or institutions, or when they are at work, and more importantly due to increasing commercial push to milk formula feeding. Potential disasters are thus waiting to happen across the world.
The problem is HUGE. Around 200 mothers give birth to babies every minute somewhere in the world. They need our support. Out of about 135 million children born annually, only 64 million begin breastfeeding within an hour and 71 million do NOT. About 48 million women are successful in carrying out exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, and 87 million are NOT. Click to sign the petition to demand support for women to breastfeed.
Most people think of breastfeeding as something that happens between the woman and her child: that this decision is in the personal domain. However, several factors affect women's ability to breastfeed successfully: traditions, myths, status in the family and society, work load, confidence in her body and sexuality, economic needs, labour laws, domestic and workplace violence and harassment, availability of support services, advertising by commercial baby food manufacturers, and so on. These factors do not allow millions of women across the world to breastfeed their babies optimally.
How we respond to this crisis will shape the lives of our children – our future.Today, public concern alone can prevent potential milk scandals – public action to respond to the needs of women to enable them to give the best possible food to their babies. We need to Act NOW !
The petition demanding support to women will be presented to the world leaders, at the World Health Assembly in May 2009. Your collective voices will put pressure on the leaders to prevent unnecessary deaths of children, to ensure that every woman in every part of the world is enabled to breastfeed successfully.
BE A CONNECTOR Forward this email to all your friends, your networks, and your family, and let us raise a voice our leaders cannot ignore.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

First Friday Pox Party...?

Hello, all Brighton-based Mothers Uncovereders. As some of you know, we've been meeting at Home Cafe on Queens Park Rd on the first Friday of the month (except last month, which I forgot about) for coffee, chat (and pancakes). Sadly, I have a chicken pox afflicted little boy, so had best not take him into polite company. I read on the internet that some people (probably in America) hold 'pox parties' with the deliberate intent of introducing their wee bairn to the disease. If that appeals to anyone, you're very welcome to come over to mine. If not, then I hope some of you meet up and eat a pancake for me. Grrr.