Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Mothers Uncovered: Facebook

Well I just thought we would say Hi.

I went to mothers Uncovered Monday and it was lovely.
Seeing all the pictures, FANTASTIC, you forget how small the little ones were. It seems so long ago now.
defiantly bought back some lovely memories!!!
So Maggie .... THANK YOU!!! Sorry I left early but it was the first time I have left Sophie for that long and I was getting a little panicky, I haven't managed to cut the apron strings properly yet.

Well whats been happening....

SHE SLEEPS!!!!! I found that she likes to be snug and warm now ( warmer than recommended ). I bought some fleece sleep suits and she sleeps for nearly 5 hours at a time. AMAZING!!!

I had to post this photo of my little angle, she has been drawing/scribbling since 1 month old ( with help ) now she does crayons/felts etc on her own but every time I tried to get my paints out she always wanted to try so I thought why not... as you can see I let her go a little mad but she loved it. acrylic on canvas... art in progress, apart from the hand print which I helped her with, its all her. then when it was time to clear up she cried... BLESS!!!

It would be nice to know how everyone is, I quite often look at the site to see for reply's / updates etc.
Well We had best go... Hope to see you all soon... maybe 1st Friday? hopefully sooner! Take care...
Heidi and Sophie xx

Friday, 7 November 2008


Mothers Uncovered is now a group on Facebook. No idea how to send a link out but I'm sure if you're already on Facebook you can manage to sign up.

See you all next week at the exhibition

Monday, 3 November 2008


Some of us went to 'Home' on Queens Park Road (at the bend where it turns into Egremont Place) about ten days ago to scoff pancakes. It was thought an excellent plan to make it a regular occurence, so introducing ....

First Friday.....

whereby on the first Friday of the month (I.E THIS WEEK!!) whoever is free to gather at Home from 11ish to whenever (but I'd need to go by 1.00 or so) to eat, drink and be merry - or miserable - as the mood takes them.For those that are working/doing other things/live too far away - please do set up your own meetings - post on the blog, that's what it's there for. If you're having trouble with the blog, please let me know.

Also, I've heard from about half of you that you're coming to the exhibition. It would help to know when you're coming, because I can then bring your photo/DVD on that day. And I'm still waiting on a couple of cards to add to the album.
all the best