Thursday, 28 May 2009

Three Weeks review of Mothers Uncovered - the naked truth

Mothers Uncovered - The Naked Truth

This is a show which expresses the paradoxes and dichotomies of being a mother, and is a further stage in Livestock's ongoing creative project on motherhood. It's a staging of four interlocking monologues inspired by real interviews, and they certainly achieve a high degree of naturalism and believability, managing to be both touching and funny, with the character of Lisa - played by the show's creator Maggie Gordon-Walker - as the stand out performance. Encompassing breast feeding and frustration, love and fear, mothers and men, dreams and A&E visits, 'Mothers Uncovered' is perfectly pitched at its target audience, as attested by the laughter of recognition and various whispers of "I know exactly what she means" floating around the venue.

Brighton Media Centre Studio, 21, 23 May, times vary, £8.00 (£5.00), fringe rating 4/5[xm]