Thursday, 16 October 2008


I hope you've all received your invites by now. Don't forget to tell me when you're coming.
Also, does anyone fancy going to Home (home, indeed, of lovely pancakes) on Queens Park Rd on Fri 24th for brunch.
And lastly, I have a lovely cleaner called Fraser (yes, a man that cleans!) that is looking for more work. Anyone interested call him direct on 07876430072

Friday, 3 October 2008


To all babies.
Yes it is amazing 9 months old and all ready I can type on the keyboard, I would send texts but Mummy says that I am all fingers and thumbs where that is concerned!
Mummy is taking me to the King Alfred on Monday 6Th Oct @ 10am as I have a swimming lesson at 10.30am until 11.15am with the Little Ducklings ( its £4 ) and I was wondering if any of my little friends would like to come and join me in a round of splashing and kicking water at the adults? I promise that this time I will leave some of the water in the pool for swimming and playing and not try to drink it all!!
There are a few of us going but I was wondering if anyone else would like to come?
Also in a couple of weeks there will be a photographer there to take photos of us babies swimming under the water and having fun.
I love going swimming and splashing with all my little friends so I will hopefully see you all Monday.
Love Sophie x
P.S. Mummy also wants to know when the next meeting for pancakes is, no doubt I will get stuck with overcooked limp broccoli and cauliflower with a side order of more rabbit food. I'm telling you when I get to learn how to say more than ' mum mum mum mum ' I going to order a big slice of chocolate cake with a side order of milk!!!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Hi guys
You'll be getting your official invite through presently. If there's someone you think should come to one of the participant/guest screenings, please let me know. Otherwise encourage friends etc to visit during one of the public screenings. The Brighton Photo Fringe got the venue wrong (*&^%!!) so ignore what it says in the brochure.......

Livestock presents MOTHERS UNCOVERED at The Tarner Children's Centre, Ivory Place, Brighton. 01273 296700

This exhibition is the result of three different groups of first-time mothers and their babies coming together to explore the rewards, expectations and challenges of motherhood. The sessions took place at Hangleton Park, Tarner and City View Children’s Centres.

You are invited to attend on ONE of the three dates below.
Photographs and writing from the participants will be on display, together with photography by Cecile Chevalier. There will also be an opportunity to view the film (30 mins approx) created from the sessions by Miriam King and to discuss the project.

These times are for participants and other invited guests.

Mon 10th Nov 6.00 – 7.15pm

Weds 12th Nov 3.00-4.45pm

Thurs 13th Nov 3.00-4.45pm

RSVP stating which date you will be attending to 01273 235336 or

Public viewings: Mon 10th Nov -Fri 14th Nov : 1.00-2.45pm ,
Mon 4.30-5.45pm